Togetherness soundscape with voices (2020)

The Benjamenta College of Art collaboration with author Alan Reed using text from his novel “The Benjamenta College of Art” (2020) Thin Air Writer’s Festival

Chapultapec solo performance for piano and analog synthesizer (2018) Oscar Peterson Concert Hall

Xochimilco solo performance for piano (2018) Oscar Peterson Concert Hall

Estuary EP (2018)

Eclater : Spectre short film by Jamie Woollard and Nania Sergi (2016)

Shedding : Willis performance work for piano, laptop orchestra and projections ; live recording with Jamie Woollard as pianist, the Concordia Laptop Orchestra and Nania Sergi doing live projections (2015)

Fatigue stereoscopic film by Jamie Woollard and animator Munro Ferguson (2016)

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